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5 Different Khadi Cotton Saree Blends to Make You a Stunner

khadi cotton saree

Indian fabric is rich in tradition and hence has not yet lost all its charm. It has its own taste and vibrant varieties for which a style statement is marked in the fashion industry. Out of the diverse fabric collection, khadi cotton sarees tend to play a vital role in making you look pretty. Khadi is a national term evolved from the word ‘khaddar’ and it is a fabric for freedom. Today, it is just not a cotton fabric, it has become a global fashion.

Stunning Khadi saree types to Ace this Festive Season

Khadi Silk Saree

Silk lovers must try Khadi Silk Saree and come to terms with the fact that it is one of the highest-selling sarees in the country. It has 50% khadi and 50% silk and along with the unique texture, they proffer rich as well as a classy look. Under this, comes the attractive Jute khadi silk, Tussar khadi silk, etc. The sarees from the northeastern and eastern region is the origin of the fabric.

Khadi Cotton Sarees

These are made from original khadi fabric in the very natural form and offers an earthy appeal. It is curates with 100% cotton comes from handspun yarn. The saree is light and the fabric is porous and that’s what makes it suitable all weather. It is suitable for daylight occasions and casual events, but style quotient remains static. With the eco-friendly fabric, khadi cotton sarees will stun your other synthetic shiny counterparts.

Handloom khadi saree

These are handwoven and mill-pun yarns. You can don this Khadi saree on formal occasions and on any casual meets. Lightweight material makes it highly comfortable to drape at any time. Moreover, these come in a variety of textures, colours and as they are mill-spun, these sarees happen to be soft rendering a polished appearance.

Khadi Printed Silk Sarees

The fabric Khadi is quite a course and its innate blending capacity has made it a king. It can blend half with silk and bring out a saree which looks beautiful and doesn’t burn your pocket. The printed ones give a designer look to the earthy khadi saree and make it a perfect evening party wear or festive wear. Moreover, it comes with a variety of prints and colours for the customers.

Pure Khadi sarees

Nothing can beat a pure fabric, not even its self-blend counterparts. Pure khadi cotton sarees are lightweight and offer a charming look when an Indian woman drapes it. The fabric and the texture are mesmerizing as it is extremely soft and airy. You can wear it for festive occasions and also for regular purposes. The saree is suitable for all women who love draping sarees for all the occasions.

Ways to Style a Khadi Saree

Today’s generation loves tradition and is moving back and wearing grand mom’s saree with a twist. Let us give some quick styling tips that will transform your saree draping quotient!

  • Saree wrapping around the neck: Although traditional style remains classy, new ways of wearing sarees has gained tremendous popularity. Millennials can style khadi saree by wrapping the pallu around your neck.

  • Hang the hand as one layer: Wear the Khadi saree with just one layer and do not make any pleats.

  • Take it over the right shoulder: Take the pallu and make it fall over your left shoulder, has been a traditional style but still carries grace and elegance.

Today, if you search for khadi cotton sarees online or pure khadi, you will come across many sellers. The manufacturing has boomed and weavers are now trying to incorporate many different designs and styles to make it big in the fashion industry.

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