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5 Solid Reasons for Having Cotton Handloom Saree in your Closet

Cotton Handloom Saree

If you are someone who loves six yards, then it is obvious your wardrobe is full of sarees. However, the elegance and comfort of cotton handloom sarees are just not compared to anything. Anyone can carry these hand-stitched drapes in their regular chores as well in family functions. You can view the magic of this fabric only when you wear it.

The sector dealing with handloom sarees are becoming very popular in the country. And, they are also the largest producer of non-farm rural business and inserts a firm position in enhancing the earnings of the nation. Moreover, the greatest element of such creations is the colossal offering of the laid back, underprivileged section of the nation. Their talents get an opportunity to grow out in the common eye, plus in turn, they get paid for their work.

  • Made with 100% natural fibers

Handloom drapes are made with natural fibers and it is the very first reason why you must these classics. Talk about manufacturing or production, everything involves 100% natural elements. In a time where there is an on-going consultation of using eco-friendly things, these are the best choice, by which you can keep up the style and not hamper the environment.

  • It displays the Indian culture and its ancient history

The Indian industry for handloom is working at a good pace whereby it is trying to leverage the standard of artisans and enhance the diverse culture. India has a rich background, tracing that, we can say every state has something to boast about themselves. When it comes to Bengal, weavers for Khadi and handloom are its pride. Weavers from the state of Bihar have the skill for Mahbubani saree work, southern states specialize in the silk, and so on. These fabrics are worth having in your closet.

  • Handloom saree supports many lives

These drapes are giving many people a reason to live and rejoice life. If you buy handloom pure cotton saree online, the majority of the profit share will reach to these weavers.  A survey says that more than 4.5 million people are involved in this sector. Your one purchase will help someone live a life, isn’t it enriching in itself? When you wear a khadi cotton saree, there is a sense of pride inculcating in you. Make more handloom purchases this festive season.

  • Every saree is unique

Since, these sarees are handmade, each and every piece is different and beautiful in its own way. Six yards of sheer earthy beauty is what you will get whenever you head out to buy a piece. Whether, it is the fabric or the shades, everything in appreciable. Once you get one cotton drape in your hands, you will crave to buy the other types for sure.

  • No use of chemical dyes

We all know that applying chemicals is damaging to the skin, and if that is present in the fabric we wear, consequences can be detrimental in the long-run. When it comes to Bengal handloom cotton sarees, they are no chemical infusion with the dyes, they are made with original colors, keeping the skin safe. The chemically dyed sarees eventually damage your skin. The process can be gradual, and have adverse outcomes. Choose carefully and use better apparel fabric, which is vibrant as well as safe.

You can purchase the finest Bengal cotton sarees online and get it delivered right to your doorstep. We believe that quality over quantity is always a better decision.

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