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All About Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar Silk Sarees

Situated by River Ganga, the city of Bhagalpur is popularly known as the silk city in India.  The well-known silk institute provides education and training to people in the silk trade. Not only is tussar silk woven in the Bhagalpur region, but also Matka silk.

Characteristics of Tussar Silk & tussar Kantha sarees

Pure tussar silk sarees are fundamentally pure mulberry silk. Unlike mulberry silk, these sarees have shorter threads. The resultant yearn becomes rougher than normal silk yarn but maintains its shine and glaze that silks are famous for. So, what people obtain is a rougher fabric like linen which is essentially silk. Tussar Kantha handloom sarees have a rustic charm which makes it ideally suited to be worn for parties.

Matka signifies rough handloom silk fabric in India. Matka is produced from thick yarn spun from the silkworm. It is obtained from the wastes of mulberry silk without taking away its sericin part. This yarning results in some irregularities in the fabric, which are considered unique. Matka is a thick kind of silk is used for jackets, suits, and furnishings. Several textures of this Matka silk can be produced and its thickness can be adjusted for making items accordingly. We get Matka silk from the Indian states of Kashmir and Karnataka, but the spinning procedure is done in the districts of Murshidabad and Malda in West Bengal. Some of the well-known Matka silk-producing areas are sujapur village and dariapur village in West Bengal and Gujarat respectively. Matka silk sarees have a rough, soft and flexible texture which resembles homespun but are more delicately woven. The colour of Matka silk sarees comes by adding dyed wool before being spun.

The Fabric and its Making

The thickness of these sarees varies and depends on the quantity of yarn utilized. This controlled thickness makes Matka silk suitable to be used in various industries of home furnishings, textiles, clothing, etc. Prices of Matka silk sarees depend on their quality. The minimum Pure tussar silk sarees is 3000 and can range up to 13,000. You can avail discounts from various sites when you opt to buy a block printed tussar silk sarees online.


Tusssar Kantha stitch is versatile and is easy to be handled. Besides being suitable for dresses, suits, sarees, Matka silk can also be used for manufacturing kid stuff toys. It is lightweight and is used in embroidery art as well. It can accordingly be used for fabrication, collages, and scrapbooks.


Silk sarees have an edge over other sarees like kanjivaram because of their affordable prices and strong fabric. Though Tussar silk saree Kolkata have a rough texture, they need special maintenance to retain its shimmer. They should always be washed with mild detergents and should be kept away from direct sunlight to prevent the sarees from discoloration. Wrap each of your Matka silk sarees in Muslin or cotton cloth or soft towels separately. Avoid using polythene bags and store them in saree bags which will allow the sarees to breathe, the zari will not darken. Do not forget to refold your sarees every three months. Air out your sarees after being used.

The Bottom Line

That one item which every Indian woman desire to have in her wardrobe is a silk saree which symbolizes richness, purity, and elegance. Tussar Kantha sarees have been well received by people presently. Well, known fashion designers like paramita Banerjee, Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar are still working on making this fabric a better one and even more popular. They extensively use Matka silk sarees and other varieties of silk in their designs to promote the weaver’s art. Likewise, actresses in Bollywood have been seen wearing these sarees at various events.

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