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Dhakai Jamdani Handloom Sarees: Glorious Past and Bright Future

dhakai jamdani handloom sarees

When it comes to Bengal, apart from mouth-watering cuisine, there is a huge saree industry which is keeping the essence of weaving alive. Saree is an integral part of any Bengali wardrobe and jamdani is a textile that boasts a rich history along with heritage. Typically known as Dhakai Jamdani or in simple words Dhakai. The roots belong from Dhaka, Bangladesh, no doubt the Bengali dhakai sarees are considered to be the finest muslin woven from cotton found in the world having a Mughal influence. The word is Jamdani comes from Persia, hence justifying the floral motif design.

Jamdani has enjoyed immense popularity since its origin in the Mughal period. But, with colonization, there was a decline in production. The cheaper yarn was exported from Europe was the reason for diminishing dhakai jamdani. Soon, after the partition when, many weavers migrated to West Bengal, the fabric again came back to the Indian market. As a matter of fact, the fabric is affordable as well as durable for which they took to grasp the market all over again.

Traditional jamdani saree for the Bengali Woman

The base fabric is actually unbleached cotton yarn that’s why appears to have light as well as dark effect. And, it is one of the most laborious forms of the handloom weaving process, hence the most expensive in the world.

The richness of the fabric is understood with the kind of shine it has. The yard has golden threads and silver lining put together with a variety of patterns to bring out graceful sarees. Along with a standard weft technique, it has a supplementary weft technique to help develop such beautiful sarees.

When it comes to colours, earlier, jamdani prints were of contrasting bright colours, today you will experience subtle colours with half-jamdani. The designs, as well as colours, have also evolved from time. Originally, the weavers used motifs on greyish fabric, but now they use it on all types of colours.

How to Spot a Jamdani Saree?

  • The Jamdani sarees come from high-quality muslin fabric, those are quite thin and soft that’s why the sarees are quite lightweight and easy to wear.
  • They have attractive embroidered motifs which are woven along with the fabric. If the motifs are thick, they look as if they are floating on the fine surface of the fabric.
  • Whenever you come across any jamdani saree you will witness floral motifs as they are somewhat the signature of the saree style.
  • Any genuine jamdani will never cost less than 2500 INR.


The technique of the Bengali dhakai jamdani saree weaving is called handloom and the origin of the fabric is Dhaka, Bangladesh. Today, it is manufactured in India as well as Bangladesh. The fabric is always catered as high-quality muslin cloth, earlier only grey colour was available, but today we have many colours, and mix-match dual colours too. Finally, it will have prominent floral motifs along with lotus design.

Therefore, with a glorious past and bright future, the Jamdani saree collection seems to have an in-depth love among Bengali women all over the world. Come explore some beautiful pieces at the best soft dhakai jamdani saree in Kolkata and brighten up your festive mood this year.

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