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Heritage of Bengal Handloom Sarees

Bengal Handloom Sarees

It’s time to embrace the season of festivals as Puja, Dussehra, Diwali are all around the corner. For women, the main concern is about attires for all occasions. To which, it reminds us that the favorite ethnic wear of the majority of the Indian women is a gorgeous saree.

We all know that India is a rich source for quality fabrics and handicrafts that helps to create this draping wonder. One of them is the Bengal handloom sarees, and it has made a mark in the fashion forum globally.

Prominence of bengal handloom sarees

When it comes to traditional attire, Bengal handloom has a rich legacy which dates back to history. With time, handlooms have developed several varieties under its umbrella. Some of the premium quality handloom fabrics include Baluchuri, tant, muslin, korial, etc. The names of the designs come from the villages from where they originate.

Formerly handloom sarees are made in Bangladesh and India. It is estimated that every year the handloom industry weaves over 6900 million sq.m of cloth. Weavers come from the villages and manifest the art in the form of saree. The production of traditional handloom sarees in Kolkata supports lakhs of families for livelihood.

Know your HandloomTradition

When it comes to real designer handloom sarees, they might be heavy on the pocket, but if you can consider the labour spent on making a single piece, you can justify the cost. Handloom sarees are one of the best creations of art and every penny is worth spending.

The best bengal handloom sarees kolkata are hand-picked and designed by artists and weavers. The varieties of designer work have completely transformed the dimension of sarees in the state of Bengal. The sarees are made of silk, cotton, or both combined and finally adorned with beautiful hand block prints, or handwoven prints.

Let us know about the popular categories of handloom sarees.

Famous Types of Handloom Sarees

There are a variety of fabrics and styles and in several handloom saree boutiques you can find the following.

Katha Stich: The fabric is typically made with pure silk, cotton, and tussar silk. The saree fabric originates from Birbhum. The fabric is now popular for sarees and the embroidery is still skillfully done by the women of the Bengal villages.

  • Jamdani: A fabric which is as light as a feather and finely woven is called Jamdani. They are also blended with cotton and silk to derive different prints and designs to furnish a glossier look.

  • Tussar silk: The sarees offers a gorgeous look with an exotic fabric, basically on beige or brown shade. With delicate and woven embroidered textures, the entire piece portrays sheer elegance for the woman wearing it.

  • Linen: The fabric is highly absorbent and offers a cool and serene feeling. The fabric comes with many colours and variety of prints and it is comfortable to wear them.

Looking for finest bengali handloom sarees online? Then, shop the latest collection for this festival season and make a style statement everyday. All you need to do is pick your favourite designs, order and get it delivered at your doorstep. When in Bengal, dress like the bengalis!

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